by Ligia M. Houben, MA, CG-C, CPC

In our lives we may find ourselves facing situations or tasks that may be too demanding, difficult, or painful. How do you respond to them? Overwhelmed?  Stressed-out?

Do you want to change your response?

Change your attitude.

I have come to realize that in life most things are a matter of how we perceive them and that has to do with our attitude. It is not what happens to us…it is how we respond to the event or transition that will make a difference in our lives.

What do you do with what happens to you in your life? Do you complain, dwell on it, and focus on the negative? Or find ways to see some positive aspect, like getting stronger, and growing as a person? What about your spirituality? Can you develop your spirituality despite of your suffering?

On my path in life I encounter many people going through transitions or losses, including the loss of a loved one and have seen miracles happening in their lives when they take that tremendous pain and transform it into an opportunity of spiritual growth. People are amazing. You are amazing!

Remember that as you transform your challenge into opportunity you can make things happen in your life. It all depends on you.

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