Dr. Dwivedi is the only specialist in Northern India who uses cosmic energy while advising on Vastu. He judges the efficacy of his advices by using scientific equipments. For his outstanding and high quality performance of work, his society “International Society for Spiritual Sciences” has been awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 by the International Body ‘SMR’.

He has started a worldwide campaign to aware the masses about Vastu. His mission is to promote Vastu worldwide as a true science and incorporate as a holistic healing system which improves not only health but also wealth. Now people may be aware about the fact that the evolution of Feng-Shui is associated to Vastu Shastra and its principle founds true whole earth.

He believes in, and finds it as a reflection of his inner voice in the Vedic Mantra, “Let all be happy, let all be free from diseases.”

Dr. Dwivedi will be arriving in Maryland, USA on 1 October 2010 for a lecture tour on Vastu’ and Meditation.  If you are interested in attending or organizing a lecture, contact:  Mr. Manoj (301-785-5982), or www.vastushastri.org

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