fireworks_OM-Times-resizedby Gordon Rosenberg

Note: This prose piece is I think as much about celebrating life as expressing love, but then is there really any distinction?

Ever-present display of loving power and unconditional affection, Pouring forth upon the land, ever-knowing, ever-being; Forever inside each who answers the call of love, Love shall be given from all quarters, and given in peace To all who come into such a being’s mighty presence.

‘Tis the art of fully loving, no holds barred or planned; The essence of the total being, and of one who gives fully. The nature of one who loves fully and allows doubt not to enter One’s consciousness, while filled with the love of the soul, Sensing the great capacity to love oneself completely.

Fully loving is for those who choose to live life all out all the time; Not as in living foolishly or taking needless risks which endanger Or subvert the ability to feel oneself deeply and completely; But in living life in a way which makes you complete each moment. To live fully means to give up all fear that you can’t do so.

To be fully loving is the most elusive energy and the biggest secret About living on this planet, because most people don’t know it; Don’t know how to give anyone much of anything helpful. Loving fully the being or beings you love most Is the way to bring out your own love for yourself, Which usually lies quite dormant inside most of us.

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