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In 1996, a colleague and I put together the Universal Lightworkers Conference as a venue for speakers and authors to share their information on spiritual awakening with fellow “Lightworkers,” as they were termed at the time. There was quite a bit of angelic influence, as well as light beings from which messages of love and healing were presented to Earth in order to raise the frequency of the planet and save ourselves from the troubles of that time. Although times appeared to be rough, I often wonder what could have happened and where we would be now had we not listened and done the work asked of us. During my time with the conference, the amount of learning, heart-opening experiences, and miracles that I have seen and been a part of, have fed my soul and kept me going – and still does to this day.

The Universal Lightworkers Conference has been going strong for 14 years. Although it is now called the Spiritual Awakening Conference, what hasn’t changed is the mission of sharing information and love with others in order to raise the vibration of everyone. The commitment is continuously growing stronger all the time as more people are feeling the call and awaking to this mission.

As we continue to grow and heal in our souls, our light in turn grows and is reflected all around us. We then become light bearers and have the ability to share it with the world. This is often as simple as an act of offering a smile, hug, or even just companionship during someone’s time of struggle, or maybe we will be the ones to provide that much need gift that arrives “just in time” to ease a person’s mind. In whichever forms they appear, these little gestures bring about a shift in our consciousness and allow greater degrees of light into our lives, which then spreads to everyone around us.

People often ask me, “What exactly is Spiritual Awakening?” My simplest answer is that it means, “Remembering.” To me, it is when we create experiences or heart-opening situations that help us to remember that we are One with God/Source. As we move through life and get caught up in our daily dramas, it’s easy to forget who we are as divine beings. We sometimes forget that Spirit watches over us and provides all we need to love and be loved. When we allow ourselves experiences of spiritual awakening, we get to see behind the veils that we have created, which we convinced ourselves over time were for our own protection. We then begin to see our true self and the divine world that surrounds us. These visions, or glimpses, can be so beautiful that we immediately shift as we are thrust forward in quantum leaps on our spiritual path. As we make these shifts or leaps forward, we, as a collective, share in the rewards of remembering. This is why I believe gathering in groups with a common intent of love and light is so important to the spiritual awakening of us all.

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