Be-Your-Own-Shaman_Deborah_King_OM_Timesby Deborah King

An ancient gift worth reclaiming…

Thousands of years ago, we knew how to heal. We lived in tribes, close to our mother, the earth. We were intimately connected to one another and to our Source. We communicated telepathically, and could talk to our deceased ancestors. We could talk to the animals, too.

Every one of us had a special talent-an innate gift that was ours to develop and pursue, blessing our communities with the fruits of our labors. Some of us excelled at music or were adept with herbs. Some were leaders. Some of us had the special talent of levitating, walking through walls, or bilocating (being in two places at once). Or perhaps we could predict the future. But if our special gift was the ability to heal-to attract, transmit, and direct healing energy-we were given the title of shaman.

Over time, as our world became more analytical, we relied less on our special gifts and, sadly, began to lose them. Most human beings today possess only remnants of what once was. We may have, for example, gotten a glimpse from time to time of these talents in our own lives-a knowing about who’s on the phone before it rings, the sense that our child is hurt before we get the call, or that sinking feeling that our partner is cheating on us before he or she confesses. These are the last vestiges of the abilities we all enjoyed millennia ago. They provided us with valuable information and skills that allowed our communities to flourish and empowered us to thrive as individuals.

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