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Have you ever wanted to show your true self to the world but felt apprehensive because of fear of rejection or judgment? In our early years, many of us learned to conform, hiding our authentic selves in order to belong and be accepted by our families and peers. As we grow, we are compelled to live fuller lives and become our authentic selves, often unveiling the best part of our spirit.

For more than four decades, Sheila Gillette has been the direct voice channel for 12 archangelic beings collectively known as THEO. As a channeling pioneer she’s an inspiration because she holds the truth of her authentic self in light of the judgment of others and is an example of success and a mentor for many.  Sheila and THEO have been referenced in Esther Hick’s books as being a catalyst for Esther’s opening to Abraham. Sheila encourages us to live our truth, “We often have a knowing when people aren’t being authentic; we feel it energetically. There is respect for and acceptance of truth when it is heard and felt. The truth may not always be liked, but truth will always be accepted and it builds trust.”

To delve into this topic with THEO, Marcus Gillette, Sheila’s husband, co-author of The Soul Truth and co-founder of The THEO Group, asks THEO questions as Sheila channels.

Marcus: THEO, please introduce yourselves and describe why you’re here in this time speaking through Sheila.

THEO:  We are speaking in one voice; however, we are 12 archangelic beings here to be mentors and teachers. Guides into this new future, into this time of masterfulness, for all humanity is ready now to accept that within themselves. We are here to enlighten, to open beings to the possibilities and the miraculous. Never before have humans been more able to recognize that they are the spiritual being, the soul. That they are inhabiting a physical structure on this earthly planet and have the abilities of the miraculous, and to be in that place of what you call heaven on earth.

Marcus: We are opening up and having extraordinary experiences. Sometimes it can be very painful when society judges us because we’re not adhering to the old ways. It can be difficult when people that we depend upon, relationships, family members and structures, no longer support us. How do we embrace it rather than becoming sad or disappointed by it?

THEO: Often times the disappointment and sadness comes from when you can’t change them. It’s important to note that it is not your job. When you are being authentically who you are, you are a beacon of light and offer the opportunity of those around you to make those changes as well. Not because you speak to them that they must but because they have the opportunity just as you have to do so. However, you relinquish the judgment of their beliefs being wrong and yours right. It is not self-righteousness that we speak about. Authenticity comes through acceptance and compassion.

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