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As I sat this morning and looked with great pleasure at the river below, I thought about sankaras… those strong desires we have that sooner or later, before we’re done with physical form, must be released one way or the other.

Sometimes we let go, because we discover the wish we thought we felt was illusory. We realize it came from the ego, not the heart. When we get real with ourselves, we don’t care a fig about it and it’s easier to release it than we ever imagined! Sometimes we recognize a craving as a true heart’s desire, and when the sanskara is fulfilled, there is joy and gratitude. Like living on a bluff overlooking a river is for me. Or showing art at the perfect venue…

On my most recent birthday, my dear friend Polly took me out to lunch. We went to Crave Cafe in Womelsdorf, PA. Besides serving tasty food of the gourmet casual variety, the place nourished my need for beauty. Since I first discovered it, I had reveled in its vibrant decor and artwork by its owner, Peter Jon Snyder.

Peter’s art and interiors and the upbeat, spiritual sensibility that drives them is so in synch with my own that the container he created in his place was calling out to me: “You must have a show here!” And I wasn’t the only person that heard that call. Periodically, I’d hear its echo as friends would tell me, “You know that place in Womelsdorf? It’s perfect for your stuff.”

So, on my birthday, as I paid my check, tummy all happy with grilled Veggie Panini, and fed by girlfriend fun and frivolity, I asked the manager to tell me the procedure for getting a show at Crave.

“You call Peter,” she said, scribbling down his number on a card. “But don’t expect to get him right away. It’s a process. Keep trying.”

Process? Here’s what happened: I went home and called him. He answered. We made a date. The next morning at 7:30 AM, I was back at Crave, showing him my art. He looked, he smiled.

“It was time to remove this. I just hadn’t gotten to it yet,”  he said, as began taking down the art that was on the walls and putting mine up.

“You have a show,” he said. When would you like your reception?”

Next thing you know, art critic Ron Schira wanted to interview me. He also did a YouTube tour of the show. Then, curator Bruce Jensen of Kutztown University Library Galleries (K-town was the home of the amazing Keith Haring!) invited me to do a show…and so it went. A stream of good kept flowing.

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