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Doing yoga together as a couple is one of the most profound ways to enhance your relationship.Venus kriyas are completed actions done by couples to unify the energy polarities between men and women.  By using specific asana, mudra, pranayam and meditations to sync your energies with your partner, you create a powerful bond between the two of you that transcends your physical body.  You prepare your souls to merge.  When you do finally have sex, your physical bodies are prepared to truly make love.

Benefits of Yoga

As for the benefits of yoga, there is evidence that practicing yoga can help you increase your flexibility, strength, and stamina. Hatha is the type usually studied, but there’s no reason to believe that you won’t gain these benefits from other types as well. The improvements in strength and stamina may not be as substantial as those gained with dedicated weightlifting or cardio-respiratory training, but it’s certainly better than no exercise at all, plus, anytime your heart rate rises or your muscles contract against resistance for a sustained period of time there will be a training effect (your own body weight provides the resistance in yoga). There are also a small number of studies which show that practicing yoga can reduce blood pressure, improve blood glucose in individuals with diabetes, improve mood and affect, improve the pain and discomfort associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients, and reduce the pain from back problems. The mechanisms for these changes have not been identified, but it’s fair to say that if yoga reduces stress, which most people who practice yoga agree that it does, then it could work by decreasing stress hormones in the body like norepinephrine and cortisol that contribute to, or are associated with, stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other medical conditions.  [3]

Our body is a temple of the Divine and honoring our senses is a wonderful way to practice staying fully in the present moment, in the Now. Tantra has sixty-four arts that bring ritual into our lives to bridge the gap between ordinary life and the sacred. These include: preparing and serving food, flower arranging, making incense and perfume, dancing, singing, playing music, writing poetry, massage, the use of herbs, and adornment. As we practice these arts and learn the magic of being present in each activity, we enter a gateway into the sacred.

Japanese Tea Ceremony is an example of this. Each detail is performed with complete awareness creating the doorway to experience presence and deep peace in a simple action, such as pouring hot water into the tea bowl. Just doing this is an opportunity to wake up and remember who we are. Anything we do with full awareness becomes sacred. Our whole life can become a meditation, an opportunity to remember who we are and bring our presence into every area of our life.

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