But there is one aspect of listening that is perhaps the most important of all. That listening can only happen in the depths of the silence of meditation where Spirit, your High Self and Soul dwell.

If you want to truly know and experience the expansion of your personal life path, enter into that sacred silence and listen with your mind and your heart. All the direction and help you will ever need are waiting for you there. Now is the time. It is never too late. YOU CAN LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

When we are willing to become still and earnestly desire guidance there is yet one more tool that will help. That tool is gratitude. Express your gratitude for all that is in your life whether it is health or sickness, friends or enemies, every experience in the past or present because all of that has made you who you are today. Through it all you have been taught and you have learned!

I firmly believe that gratitude and love are inseparable. In the most deeply felt thankfulness we cannot help but love all of life. Gratitude brings us into the awareness of how holy and magnificent a gift this life is.

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