Whale-Whisperer_Madeleine-Walker _OM-TimesImagine being in the ocean, eye-to-eye with a 40-foot whale and hearing what it has to say. The Whale Whisperer – Healing Messages from the Animal Kingdom to Help Mankind and the Planet is Madeleine Walker’s extraordinary tale of such adventures and her journey across several continents in search of wisdom, healing, and spiritual power points from a variety of wild animals around the world: humpback whales, elephants, bears, lions, dolphins, and even a giant manta ray, as she battles to reclaim her sense of self while communicating with these incredible teachers.

This book is moving, empowering, and entertaining. Readers are given the opportunity to travel alongside with Madeleine on her exciting adventures to Egypt, Arizona, the Rocky Mountains, Mexico, South Africa, and India. During her journey, Madeleine is guided by white lions to be ‘lion-hearted’, takes on the great challenge to be the ‘voice’ of the animals, and comes to the realization she must deliver these messages to others so that they too, can listen and learn from the animals’ wisdom. And the more she channels the knowledge of the animals and communicates with them, the more she is driven to convey their vital messages in order to raise awareness, and help on the quest to save mankind and the planet.

All of this happened to a newly divorced, fifty-something single mother, recently bereaved following her mother’s death. The Whale Whisperer recounts how Madeleine embarked on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with her life and find meaning in her feelings of abandonment and dissatisfaction. Join Madeleine as she finds herself overcoming fears, adversity, and challenges while learning to communicate with these amazing creatures and discovering the profound messages of hope for our future that can be learnt from animals already connected with the earth’s energy.

About the Author:

Madeleine Walker is one of the world’s leading animal intuitive and healers. She works alongside holistic veterinary surgeons, teaches seminars in Europe, writes columns for magazines, and appears on radio and TV.  anexchangeoflove.com

To learn more or to buy the book, visit: FindhornPress.com

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