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I often have powerful dreams which I remember clearly upon waking, and I particularly enjoy spending a few minutes lying in bed, recalling the details of the dream. I have learned to focus on the ‘feeling’ of the dream…and ask myself, how did I feel in the dream? By focusing on my dream emotions, I can more easily interpret the information that my Inner Being wishes to convey.

Most people are probably aware that our dreams are often filled with metaphors and symbols, and these symbols are uniquely personal…for example, if I dream about hair, it may represent something different to me than it does to someone else. The temptation is to try to decipher every little detail and nuance of all the symbols in our dreams, but this can take us away from the very important information that is very easily accessible…our feelings, or emotions.

Our emotions are our guidance system…whether awake, or dreaming. Positive emotion is an indicator of alignment with our Inner Being or Source Energy, just as negative emotion indicates that we’re pinching ourselves off from Source Energy. Likewise, positive emotion, or feeling good, will let us know that we are moving toward something we want (and away from unwanted experiences). If we are not consciously aware of these moment-by-moment emotional indicators, our dreams can show us an easily manifested version of what we are matching up with on a vibrational level — if we feel good in the dream, then we are a vibrational match to our desires, or what we want; and if we feel negative emotion in the dream, we are creating pathways to experiences we don’t want.

This is the great thing about dreams…they can yield to us rich information about where we really are, in terms of our vibrational frequency.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to focus upon your emotional state in the dream, and not get caught up in the details. You may find it helpful to keep a dream journal by your bedside…when you wake, just take a few moments to jot down the key points of your dream — often, the act of writing it down will help prompt your memory. And if your dream showed you that you are moving toward something wanted, then bask in that knowledge…your Inner Being will take you in to that good-feeling place, and you can take the opportunity to get the most out of the moment (relive your dream, expand upon it, savor the deliciousness of it). On the other hand, if your dream indicated that you are creating pathways toward unwanted, then it’s never too late to start focusing your thoughts and attention in a different, more positive direction. Your emotional guidance system is available 24/7 to help you with this.

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