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“Practical Conscious Creation makes conscious manifesting a way of life! Here’s the key to applying it everywhere, in every circumstance so that you can create a life of ease, success and prosperity.”
~ Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

By now you’re probably very familiar with the concept of Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation/Manifestation and Visualization and you probably try to incorporate some of these concepts into your life every now and again. But what if there was a book that gave numerous and creative ways to integrate these practices into your DAILY life? In her new book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires author, Jackie Lapin has set out to help those committed to the laws of attraction to become better, faster daily manifestors.

According to Lapin “intellectually knowing about the Laws of Attraction” is not enough. Her book is about making it happen! A successful business woman and practical realist, she is well aware of the obstacles to conscious creation that consistently show up in daily life. Let’s be honest – it’s not easy to focus on manifestation when your children are screaming or you’re stuck in traffic, or you’ve just had an argument with your spouse or boss! Jackie’s book takes these every day issues into consideration and she has designed tools, tips and techniques, to help you create your dreams. She has packed her book with terrific ideas and encouragement to help you rediscover your desires and empower you to follow through on your goals.

“Practical Conscious Creation is an extraordinary gateway to anchoring manifesting and law of attraction into your daily activities to create a life of YOUR choosing, vision, ease and prosperity. A life changing book!”
~ Marie Diamond, transformational speaker and star of The Secret

With chapters on Wealth, Career, Relationships, Health and Healing among others, Jackie shows how to break through mental and emotional blocks and limitations, jumpstart abundance and flow and pave the way for more happiness and greater contentment. This book is for anyone who simply wants to get down to the practical business of creating the life they want.

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About the Author

Jackie Lapin wrote the bestselling, The Art of Conscious Creation and is a successful business woman who has also become a world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Conscious Creation. She lives in Westlake Village, California.

About The Author

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