By Sarah Sydney Nash

Self Compassion 1Nearly ten days ago I discovered the Project Seventh website.  The moment was monumental for me because I’d been trying to decide the best way to blog my day to day experiences as a professional clairvoyant/metaphysician and the creator of Cosmic Triage™.

For years I’d written about my world in several blogging venues; then decided to give myself a chance with writing my blend of spiritual consciousness at TruJournal.  That attempt de-railed as a result of too many changes in my personal life including a move across country.

When I found James synopsis, “Our lives revolve around seven days a week.  When you look back and reflect on the 7th day, what do you see?  What I see becomes my seventh day story.”

I felt inspired.  I felt free.  I wanted very much to write what I see, but I also wanted it to have purpose beyond entertaining a few friends or devoted readers.  I wanted it to be more than just bits of information about my family, my job, my opinion.  I believe to my core that I see the world very differently than most people and that I have a duty to translate my vision to comprehensive prose, if only to find the one person who can commiserate and perhaps to let them know they aren’t alone.  I’m going to give this experiment 52 weeks.  However, James didn’t call this Project 52, he called it Project Seventh.


The Marquise de Sevigne said “True friendship is never serene.”  Recent events exemplify the possible motivation behind this statement.

The messages that I’ve been receiving lately from The Universe about friendship are intense.  I can’t turn around without running into a dilemma between friends in my personal and professional life.  My heart was broken by betrayal from a once trusted individual, communication mishaps happened all over the internet, and several times I was called upon to mediate similar circumstances in the lives of clients and my family.  What I witnessed in most cases were incredibly stressed out people striving to be heard, yet incapable of articulating with reason.

My emotional well ran dry on more than one occasion.  At the height of my personal tribulations, – when I found myself crying bitterly in my back yard near my favorite apple tree – I realized that my tears were the result of frustration and bewilderment.  I don’t often find myself without the words to create a healing mantra or to find solutions, and I struggled with making sense of a week of disruption and disappointment.


The good news is that an important development in my consciousness occurred during this process.  In my  most profound disappointments and at the edge of my deepest  emotional turmoil, I discovered what it meant to “give your burden to your higher power”.

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