Lizzie Borden House

1. Winchester House This house was built by the wife of an heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. Sarah Winchester had a seeming obsession with ghosts, building continuously in an effort to confuse ghosts. She also built strange features into the home for this purpose (such as staircases going nowhere and doors opening to walls). She was known to hold regular seances and to use guidance from the spirits to determine the next building project on the home. The home was partially destroyed in an earthquake in 1906. The photos below show the home before and after that earthquake.

2. The White House The White House is probably the most famous historic residence in the United States. It’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of several past U.S. Presidents — most notably Abraham Lincoln.

3. Raynham Hall Raynham Hall is located in Norfolk, England. It’s the home of one of the most famous ghost photographs of all time — that of the Brown Lady.

4. The Lizzie Borden House This house (now a bed and breakfast) was the home of Lizzie Borden — famously tried and acquitted of murdering her father and stepmother with a hatchet

5. The Myrtles Plantation This plantation home is said to house a dozen ghosts. Its most famous ghost is that of a slave named Chloe. However, there is no evidence she ever existed. There was one verified murder on the property though — that of William Winter, who was shot on the porch.

6. The Whaley House The Whaley House in California was built on the site of former gallows. Because of this, the home is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of hanging victim, “Yankee Jim” Robinson. Ghosts of members of the Whaley family who died in the home have also been reported.

7. The LaLaurie House This New Orleans mansion was the home of a terrible woman — Delphine LaLaurie — who was known to torture her slaves. The home is said to be haunted by the spirits of some of these slaves.

8. Loftus Hall Ireland’s Loftus Hall is not only supposedly haunted, but it’s the only home on our list currently abandoned and boarded up — out of the reach of curiosity seekers. This home was rumored to have been visited by the devil himself. However, that story is rooted in the original building. The one currently on the premises was built after the original home’s exorcism and later demolition.

9. Rose Hall This Jamaican plantation home is said to be haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, better known as the White Witch. She was thought to be tied to the practice of voodoo, and is believed to be responsible in some way for the death of three husbands. She herself was supposedly murdered in the house during a slave uprising.

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