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Feng-Shui_welcome-mat_OM-Times“Whether you’re in a house or apartment, really “moving in” and embracing the “now” permits you to move forward and create great success in your life and your business. Follow these tips to make any space feel like home.”

It’s very common for clients to call me for a Feng Shui consultation without a clear goal in mind. Many people seek help from experts in Feng Shui and life improvement because they don’t know where they’re going and they don’t know where they really want to go, either. They haven’t found their life purpose, the passion that drives them above all else. It’s no surprise that their surroundings — their home or apartment and their workplace — often reflect this indecision or lack of direction.

I recently consulted with two women who had exactly these challenges following major life changes and was able to work with them to make their space feel more like a home. With the details of their environment taken care of, they were better able to set clear goals and begin to pursue them with new energy and enthusiasm. Today, they are all experiencing wealth, health and happiness in homes that better fit their goals and feels like home.

Maureen of Mamoroneck, NY Following a divorce, Maureen moved into a 3-bedroom duplex with her two sons. While she felt the upper level apartment had potential, it didn’t feel like home. She had been a homeowner for a long time and had always lived in a single family house. She didn’t know how long she’d be staying in the new space, but also knew she couldn’t continue living in the future or past. She had to make her environment comfortable for herself and her family now.

Like many two-story spaces, a staircase sat directly in line with the front door. This can create rushing chi and cause health, wealth and happiness to fly out of the home with all the positive energy. In addition, the stairway was somewhat narrow and dark. By painting the stairwell a bright color and adding recessed lighting, we created a welcoming space that beckoned the positive chi up the stairs to Maureen’s apartment. This also had the result of creating more opportunities for wealth and happiness for Maureen.

Maureen liked certain aspects of the apartment, including a third bedroom that she could transform into a treatment room for her massage therapy business. I suggested she begin to call the space a healing room, and we wanted to make changes that would encourage that mindset.

When I first came in, the room did not feel welcoming or soothing but, most importantly, it didn’t really feel as if it belonged to Maureen. We made the following changes:

  • Replaced “fake” incense from a mass market store with real Red Crystal Incense, which has healing properties.
  • Added a plush rug to keep patient’s feet warm and soften the atmosphere of the room.
  • Added Himalayan Salt Lamps for soothing lighting, to create a true healing ambiance. These lamps produce negative ions to supply energy, cleanse the air and promote a sense of inner peace.
  • Added living plants to help bring natures indoors.

Today, Maureen is turning patients away in her private practice physical therapy business; she’s got more work than she can make time to handle.

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