A Happy Family Life

happy-family-life_conscious-parenting_OM-TimesBy Suzette Hodnett, M.S

A Gallup poll asked Americans what they wanted the most. One answer dominated the list: “A happy family life.” But in our high-tech and fast-paced society, we are often disconnected from those we love the most, making the wish for a happy family life more difficult to realize.

Stress is no longer an occasional event but a way of life. Our lives run “pedal to the metal,” often stuck in high gear. Husbands and wives have become strangers in their own homes. Divorce is on the rise. Some children turn to drugs. Others, juggling activities and homework, suffer from stress-related disorders. How do we reverse this strong current of tension and disconnect amid our fast and furious lives?

Could it be that the answer to our modern dilemma is as old as time itself? Touch Communications Home Massage says “YES” and is bringing massage—the oldest healing therapy known to man—back into our daily lives.

To achieve a happy family life, experts agree that we need to communicate with each other more, not only via our speech but also with the healing vocabulary of loving touch. Touch is our first language. Whatever our age or stage in life , the gift of touch can make us feel protected, appreciated, and validated, letting us know that we are loved, understood, and forgiven. Home massage brings this healing gift into our homes.


There is a resistance in many of us to learning and practicing massage at home. We will nod and agree that it is a great idea. We may even acknowledge to both the giver and the receiver. Yet we also feel a certain reluctance to touch.

Maybe in childhood we were never touched, and so massage feels foreign and uncomfortable. What better place than in our own home with the people we love and trust for us to discover and share the healing benefits of touch?

Maybe in childhood we were touched the wrong way, and now we are afraid the same thing will happen again. What better place than a private and safe home environment to heal through the loving, appropriate touch of someone we trust?

Maybe we tell ourselves that we don’t have time because of our busy, hectic lives. But home massage is easy and can be done in the convenience of our home. Massage, shared with our loved ones, brings us calm, balance, and an opportunity to rest and recharge from our stressful lives.

Maybe we are uncomfortable with our bodies. We think we are too fat or too thin.

We don’t want to feel vulnerable. What better place than in our own home to begin to feel at ease with our own unique bodies and so gain a sense of comfort in our own skin?

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