Many experiencers say that once they have their experience they are never the same. It creates a divide of life before the experience and life after. They begin to live with the Near-Death Experience every day, using it as a gauge to determine the best course to follow. That’s usually steers them toward attempting to live in a more conscious manner, aware of their actions and interactions. They still fall down just like we all do, yet, being conscious of our actions makes us more responsible for those actions. The way we treat each other becomes more important. Imagine if we all could be more conscious in our lives. Maybe we wouldn’t lash out against others when we ourselves are frustrated. Taking more responsibility would mean spreading less blame and judgments. Instead, we’d look to create cures for the injustices around us.

Integrating new spiritual values and messages causes three quarters of experiencers to feel an overwhelming need to be of service. This leads many to change careers and relationships. The Near-Death Experience show us how important it is to live in truth to who we really are! That means moving forward in a positive manner throughout life, whether professionally or personally. Experiencers tend to have a more heightened awareness of the present moment and the importance of being in each moment.

The first time you hear a firsthand account of someone’s transformative experience you find it compelling. They are irresistible and after listening you find yourself thinking about the experience for days or weeks. Even critics who argue what an experience is, have to respect the experience and how it transforms a person. These ideas are not easy to instill in our lives. Although witnessing the courage and faith of near-death experiencers imbues the world with inspiration to apply the principles experiencers live with every day. It is a type of benign virus that is highly infectious and could help remind the world to not be so distracted with desires and wants and instead focus on what is really important, Peace, Love and Compassion. If only the world were not stuck in the cave and could see beyond the walls and into the Light.

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  • Deirdre Dewitt Maltby

    Very well said David, We NDErs can only keep moving forward with what we
    have learned, No we NDErs don’t have all the answers to – life, the universe,
    and everything, but we do have the KNOWING of how much more is beyond
    what is here. That knowing is something that cannot be taken away, and
    by allowing that light we have experienced to shine now through us, I think we also know
    that little by little people will be drawn to more wanting or knowing of
    what that light we are all a part of has to offer. The increased world wide interest in the NDE effect shows us that.
    For some like you say sit in silence for years trying so hard to understand, trying to live between two worlds of knowing, while some are thrust into the immediate desire to bring it all out, merge and grow with the newness of what has been shown. Such was my case and over the last five years each day now is a balance with this world while righting my soul for the next.

    But beyond all I grew to learn that an NDE does not have to bring one close to death, I think the term now used for that is STE (Spiritualy Transformative Experience) for I have found that without a doubt each and every second of life talks to us, gives us such great treasures, treasures of such I never saw before I came out of my “cave.” Some of these are very bit as strong as vivid and real as any NDE might offer. And that is one of the most important things I think I could ever say to anyone….you do not have to have an NDE to come out of the cave…….if looking with true hearts desire, and a soul willing to let go of what it thinks it knows… much more will come to show you how much light can truly be seen.
    Blessings dear friend, yours were good words to read.