stillness_OM-TimesBy  Janice Chrysler

It seems we move from fast to faster as we travel through our lives. The world around us is quickly advancing and changing in ways many of us could never have imagined.  With discoveries about our Universe and planet being revealed to us on a daily basis we may find we are more confused about life and our very existence than ever before.  It would appear that questions are never really answered only uncovering another mystery, giving birth to numerous theories, research and studies.  After all, that is what mankind and universal consciousness is all about: expanding of the mind resulting in humankind evolution.

So where does the stillness fit in?  There was a time when I would wonder what the saying, “silence is golden” could possibly mean.  Boy, have I gained understanding about the importance of being silent and still.  All the technology we have today is to “free” up our time but we actually feel more stressed, rushed and discontent than ever before.  All instant messaging and texting do not replace a cup of tea with a friend.  All the ipod music, computer programs, TV shows do not comfort us like a walk in nature or relax us like the sound of birds or a babbling brook. We have distanced ourselves from nature and the wonder of the universe by analyzing everything and its reason for being here.  We seem to think we have to know the “why” for everything and everyone.  Perhaps it is time we go back to acknowledging that it is okay not to know, at least for the moment.  I am not saying all research should stop and we don’t evolve anymore but if just for a few moments each day, we tell ourselves it is okay just to be.  Through all the studying and dissecting we often lose sight of the beauty of this earth, its people and that invisible force that unites us all. How can we reconnect and find our place in this fast paced world?

Regardless of the advancements in science and medicine, artifacts that are uncovered from ancient civilizations, designs for futuristic technology, as spiritual beings we still need to find our own inner peace and contentment in order to be truly happy in this life. There is a longing to experience the oneness with all living things and a greater life force.  This can only be felt during those times of silence and reflection.   Though our minds average over 60,000 thoughts per day we can put them aside for a bit and allow our spirit to flow freely throughout us.  It is during these times that we discover who we are, what we really want out of life and what our purpose it.

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