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HDMS_Final_coverby Anne Kelleher

How David Met Sarah is completely different type of novel because it was written for Annie Kelleher’s youngest brother, David. David has Downs’ Syndrome and like the main character in the story, lives at home with my parents. He works in a mail room and has a lot of friends. He’s even been in love.

Annie Kelleher wrote How David Met Sarah at her mother’s suggestion when she explained that as much as David is interested in reading, it’s hard to find stories he likes. He reads at approximately a third grade level but as an adult, David doesn’t relate to third grade level stories. How David Met Sarah is a story for grownups that someone with my brother’s reading skills can read and enjoy.

The simple style that Anne Kelleher writes in is what makes this book so unique. The story is smooth and engaging for readers of any level, but for readers like David, it opens a new world where the current literature for developmentally disabled readers has never even thought of going.

If you know and love someone like David, check it out. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live so differently-abled, you should check it out also.

Interview with Anne Kelleher by Karen M. Rider

Why did you write this book? 

I wrote this book for my brother who has Down Syndrome.  He is 36 and while he reads at a 3rd grade level, he doesn’t enjoy third grade level stories because he is not a child.

Where did the idea for it come from? 

The idea for writing the story came from my mother.  I based the events of the story on events in my brother’s own life.

What was it like for you (most difficult and most rewarding), to depart from mainstream genre fiction to write in the voice of a main character who is developmentally disabled? 

It was every bit as challenging – if not more so – to write this story.  I felt as if I was constantly in a process of distillation- distilling both story and language down to its simplest essence.

What is your greatest hope for this series of books?

That people like my brother enjoy a good story, well told.  That average readers gain insight into the world of the intellectually disabled and realize how much more alike we all are, than different.

What is the title of book 2 and its premise? 

The title of book two is When David Was Surprised, and it is based around a series of surprising events in the character’s life.

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