MARCOMÉ DESERT omtimesMarcomé (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a gifted Canadian singer songwriter, music producer and sound engineer.  She weaves her multiple talents together to create New Age music that will forever change your perception of the genre.

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When you listen to a Marcomé song, you are first captivated by her crystal clear voice.  Lyrics ebb and flow, often giving way to her unique wordless language, that she calls wordpainting.  Layered voices, dreamy keyboards, fretless bass, jazzy guitar riffs and world beat percussions are combined into an ethereal musical tapestry.

Marcomé’s sound creation mastery incorporates multiple new world music influences, jazz styles and classical vocals.  Her experience and background as a quality sound and mastering engineer, have given her the opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists and producers.  Marcomé has partnered with music artists including Diana Krall, Cecilia Bartoli, Le Cirque du Soleil, Branford Marsalis, Sir George Martin, Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois, Pat Metheny and Yes.

When she is not creating her trademark ethereal sounds, Marcomé is actively involved in social media Networking.  She enjoys an impressive following on Twitter and entertains fans with a wide variety of colorful music videos on YouTube.  Marcomé’s New Age music songs are brought to life with relaxing photographs, inspiring cinematography and beautiful art work on her YouTube channel.

In particular, Marcomé is proud of her popular blog, on which she shares her music influences, discoveries and life perspectives.  Uplifting articles on spirituality, the music world, and a collection of inspiring quotes and photos are among her most popular posts.  Through her social media activities, Marcomé is pursuing her life dream to make a positive impact in the world.  Simply, she hopes to accompany her fans on a self growth journey, using her experiences as a guide.  One of her guiding principles is that, by taking good care of ourselves, we come to believe that we deserve the best.  And we do!

Marcomé is especially honored to have been selected as a Celebrity Ambassador for Humanity Healing. The Humanity Healing Ambassador program is based on the concept that goodwill, integrity and cooperation can empower ordinary individuals to help humanity.  These ideals perfectly coincide with Marcomé’s desire to be an inspiration to people worldwide!  One of the current projects of Humanity Healing is to help the people of Uganda become self-sufficient and independent through éducation, and provision of basic necessities and resources.  For more information, see

Marcomé’s impassioned work has garnered International attention. The Huffington Post featured Marcomé in an article by one of its author/bloggers and Internet strategists, 2morrowknight.  Entitled, “16 People on Twitter Who Inspire the World,” the post celebrated Marcomé’s integrity and positive passion, which serves as an inspiration to many.  Marcomé was also nominated for a Shorty Award, which honors the Best Producers of Short Real-Time Content on Twitter.  Hundreds of votes poured in for Marcomé from all around the globe, with users celebrating her love for life, optimism and positive impact through her music, her blog, her music videos and her inspirational songs.

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