Psychic Shielding Protection Against Negative Energy Attacks

by Rev. Christa Urban, RN, Shaman


This is a topic that, as a peace lover, I’d hoped to avoid. I have always believed in the Law of Attraction. I put out Love and Light to the universe and hope to get that back. Unfortunately, there will always be those who send you bad energy and that is why psychic shielding is important.

I have always avoided conflict and hate “Witch Wars”, but alas, I have found myself in several. The most recent psychic battle is part of a TV project I am working in.

So first, how do you know you have been under attack or someone is working against you? Are you feeling unusually out of sorts? Are your dreams invaded by images that are disturbing and attacking you? Do tears come for no reason? Are you having strange pains and physical symptoms that don’t correlate to your current state of health? Have you lost your ability to see from your third eye? These are just a few ways that you could feel a negative energy attack and know that psychic shielding is needed. Aside from the obvious that you just know someone has sent an attack to you.

I use crystals and stones in my practice for healing, psychic shielding and protection. The attacks against me resulted in two of my magical rings cracking. I thought at first coincidence, but consulted another in the field and Psychic attack was the conclusion. The stone took the hit so I was not physically affected.

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  • Tender Flower

    Thank you for the article. Rev. Christa Urban I have a question, why did you not help the owner to clear it? It could also be a selffulfiling prophesy, she might have been scared when you said that it was not going to be good and created this situation.

  • Vernon

    I dont use crystals, nothing ever worked for me except aum. I make circles with my thumb and fore fingers and put them together, then join my fingertips and start chanting aum. I call forth all attacking spirits and command their divine spirits come through them and offer them my divine love completely, then add the worlds divine spirits to that and then the infinite divines spirit. all sharing in the cycle of gratitude and love. that pretty much dispels any magic completely.

  • Vernon Nielsen

    What works better for me is receiving the energy in love, imagining my spirit receiving it and sending it back as infinite love. I have had massive success with this and its converted me into a happy person. My spiritual attacks were , they must have been serious black magic, because it damn near floored me for months on end.

  • Vernon Nielsen

    My most effective technique to date has been the culmination of two years of black magic attacks and seeking my spirits input for answers. We all have divine spirits and this will prove unequivocally , that this is indeed the case. My dad my brother and my sister were all attacked by these users of the everything practice. I learned eventually that i can use their divine spirits to help defeat their energies by calling to accountability the divine spirits of the casters and surrendering their projected energies back to their divine spirits to take responsibility for it , adding that let us honor their desire to see destruction either of sin or sinner. I get attacked every day and every day i defeat them.