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Thrive-the-MovementAn Interview with Foster and Kimberly Gamble: The couple behind the movie “Thrive”

By Sterling Day

With the trailer to the movie “Thrive” making a buzz around the internet, many are anxiously awaiting the premier of both the movie and website on 11/11/11. Never before has there been a movie, much less an offering of so many truths and alternatives for all living things to live in harmony and thrive. This movie will cause everyone that sees it to question everything that we have been taught and have thought up until now, and provide solutions for self-creating entities to live a quality of life that we have never known before.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, to discuss the collaboration of their movie, Thrive. I found them both to be so very kind, selfless, loving, and generous human beings. A beautiful couple, with a way to change the world!

Q: In what point in your lives and careers did this work begin?

Foster Gamble: “The work began for me as a teenager at the age of fourteen. I was on a school bus, starring out through the trees and I suddenly saw a vision of a whirling pattern of light. I knew somewhere deep inside of myself that I was seeing the structure of an atom, with the same structure of our solar system, with something much bigger and exciting going on in the center. But more than that, I had this experience that somehow I was also constructed of the same pattern.  Roughly half way in the scale of an atom and a solar system. I became totally obsessed with this notion that there is some kind of energy pattern in the universe, and one of the things I was doing here was to find out what that was. Also, to learn that we could align with that pattern, both as individuals and as a culture.  And as you will see in the movie, the mysteries and adventures that my studies have led me into.”

Q: When you did this research, and came up with such a phenomenal formula over the many years of hard work and study, how could you maintain yourself without exploding?

Foster Gamble: “Well….I tell you, my own brother watched the film a few weeks ago for the first time. He comes up to me afterwards and says: I cannot believe all that you have had to hold inside of yourself for so long! And so, it does feel especially exciting to be able to share it. What I was so fortunate to come across is so wildly beneficial to humanity. Especially the coherence of the information out. One of the core realizations for both Kimberly and me, is that life is really yearning to thrive in the same way your body yearns to breathe. The body yearns to resonate harmoniously. The thriving of your own life force. When something is in the way of that, whether it we are holding fear in our bodies, or restricting some idea or emotion, the tension starts to build and it becomes very unhealthy to hold on to that. There is such a deep yearning to thrive. And yet, there is so much suffering and disease that a lot of my quest was trying to figure out what in the world happened that could have us be in a situation like this? What is in the way of our thriving? When I found this pattern, I had no idea how profound it we be. It ends up applying everywhere. And, it turns out that there is only one pattern, as far as scientists are concerned that sustains itself in a whirlpool vortex that is called the Torus. The Torus is a continuous surface with a hole in the middle. Much like a doughnut, but it is moving. Whether you look at an atom, or a seed, or a field around the human body, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, or the universe itself, it’s this entire one pattern. So if we can learn about the pattern, and recognize that the universe is showing up everywhere, than I think we’ve got the key that we have always been looking for. A lot of my excitement has been to look at the science of it, to look the yoga of it. The consciousness aspects, the martial arts, philosophy and politics. Again, if we align with the principles of this pattern, we can do it harmoniously, and move to the next level.

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