by Wellington Rodrigues

intuition omtimesIn my early teens I was both fascinated and disappointed to discover that we humans do not use even a small fraction of our full mental and “spiritual” potential. I was fascinated because I wondered what we could do if we increased those odds in our favor, and disappointed because I thought it was unfair for us to be born without this potential already fully developed.

I did believe, back then, that we came to this world to learn how to harness our potential and to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. I envisaged this reality to be a big classroom with lessons to be learned each and every day. It was just many years later that I realized that we do not have to necessarily learn anything new.

We are already born with all our capacities in place, and ready to be used. We don’t have to “become spiritual” because we are already spirits inhabiting a physical body. We don’t have to make any effort to master the so-called “law of attraction” because we are already using it in our lives every single day. And we don’t have to become intuitive because this capacity is already built-in our energy system.

My experience with native Brazilians in the late eighties, when I had the opportunity to live right on the Amazon area, made me see clearly into the true human nature. The natives are not exposed to most of the social conditioning that we, “civilized” people go through as we grow up. They represent very well the concept of “being like children”, a state which we should never abandon. Therefore, they have their inner abilities more developed than us. They are in harmony with nature and universal laws just by being what they were meant to be; humans. No metaphysical training, no effort to become something.

One lesson that I learned from the natives was that intuition is a very natural phenomenon, not something to be learned or acquired. We can definitely train to improve it, especially if we have been polluted by modern society’s matrix of limiting beliefs, but it is important to realize that we already have this built-in capacity.

Knowing that you’re already intuitive then, is the first step. Once that fact is established, you must retrain yourself to allow for intuition to work.

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