Michael GreenTeaching Inner Strength and Courage

“If you believe in yourself, have courage and never quit, you will achieve your life goals. The journey towards personal success can sometimes be difficult, but the rewards are very worthwhile.”

The traditional definition of “samurai” means “to serve”.  Michael Green’s service is to the next generation.  As a sensei, or teacher, Michael integrates personal development with service to others.  Young men and women learn by example and participation that true strength of character finds its greatest expression when one’s energy and talents are applied to raising humanity through compassionate action.

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“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye” ~Miyamoto Musashi

Michael Green is the founder of the Integrated Martial Arts Academy and also the Integrated Development Academy. As well as an extensive background within a myriad of various Martial Arts disciplines, Michael has also worked for many years in the field of Youth Support and Community Development. The Academy’s mission is to seek personal development through “Inner Strength and Courage”, and is also dedicated towards a vision of community empowerment through Unity, Cooperation and Inspiration. The Academy’s provide weekly group classes, personal training sessions and regularly facilitate Self-Development courses that are specifically formatted to meet the needs of Schools, Youth Groups and other community organizations.

The Integrated Martial Arts Academy was established in October 2002 in Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia. The creation of this academy has been inspired by the many strong virtues and energy dynamics that are held within the Martial Arts.  The Integrated Martial Arts Academy is founded upon the important life principles of dedication and determination towards self-development and personal growth.  Recently, the Integrated Martial Arts Academy has also spread its wings further in the recent creation of the Integrated Development Academy, which provides an even wider array of opportunity towards an individual’s journey of Personal Growth and Self-Development

“Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!” ~Takeda Shingen

Writes Michael:  “By becoming involved with Martial Arts training, there will be many goals that each person will have the opportunity to aspire towards regardless of age, gender or culture. And it is through this journey towards the attainment of personal goals that many important benefits can be gained. Valuable benefits such as an increase in self-esteem and inspiration have a very strong potential to positively impact upon the way in which a person feels about themselves and also the way in which they interact and share with others.  To pursue a life of positive goal setting, self-development and personal achievement can really be a great way to channel our thoughts and energy in a healthy direction”

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