Love_heart_OM-TimesBy Elsa Stokes

Love is such a wonderful thing,

Listen to the bird’s sing Love is such an awesome gift,

Love can conquer anything. Love is here, Love is there,

Love is showing that you care, Love can cure all despair. Love is all you really need

to keep you going through the week. Love is what we all seek;

Love is what makes us be. Love is priceless; love is grand, Love is always in our hands. The love of God is always here, It’s here to take away all fear. It’s here to comfort a broken heart, It’s here to mend a broken bone. When you have love, you have it all, With God’s love you’re never alone.


What is the Power of Love?  We have the power to express pure love to the world and to others, and when we recognize the power that we hold within, our life becomes limitless. We have no limitations, no judgment, no anger, no regret- we are constantly living in the here and now.  We are manifesting a new world, an environment with love as the only thing that matters.

Love and only love is what makes us all happy. There is nothing more powerful than love, for only love is real. If we want to manifest good blessings in our life, then send good blessings to others. “Whatever I see flows to me” See everyone as love, see everyone as powerful, as strong, as confident, as abundant, as rich, as talented, as blessed as you!!

We at Angel Healing Wings are setting our Prayers and Intentions that you let your spirit soar, that the Power of Love surrounds you daily, that you always walk in beauty.

At “The Power of Love” Party, come ready to express your Love for Life, Self and Each Other. This gathering of over 200 souls is always a night filled with much Joy, Love and Laughter.  This is an “Event of the Year” that will touch your life Forever!!

We Love you, and look forward to Celebrating “The Power of Love” Spiritual Holiday Party with you on December 17, 2011

Held at the Renaissance Hotel Ballroom, 1617 S.E. 17t Street Ft. Lauderdale FL 33316 $ 45.00 Per Person, Semi- Formal, Buffet All You Can Eat Dinner, Live Music, D.J., Door Prizes, And more. Time: 7:00 Pm – 12:30 Am,

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