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Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly honors Syd Saeed as our Psychic of the Month for March.  Syd is well-deserving of this recognition due to his uncanny ability to deliver laser-accurate psychic advice, coupled with compassion, integrity, and even a bit of humor thrown in.  Syd’s testimonials continue to grow from satisfied clients, and they prove the outpouring of love held for him by the public.  Syd delivers psychic messages quickly and directly, yet always maintains honesty and a humility that is a welcome aspect for his clients.

More about Syd:

Syd Saeed is a British born Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Healer of Indian heritage. From a very tender age he realized that he was “Different” to other people and didn’t fully know why until he was a young man, this was the result of losing his father suddenly. This devastating event left him in a profound state of sadness that left him broken for many years.

He states that the sadness has not left his heart even to this day and never will, despite the fact that he feels his Dad around him all the time he simply finds it “too painful to communicate with him”. After this tragic event he began to realize why he used to have dreams that would come to pass and even before that accidents in the school playground before they happened! For the next 20 years Syd chose to ignore and deny his “gift” and would put his amazing predictions and premonitions down to mere coincidence. Even his unwilling-ness to enter certain buildings in which he’d never set foot in before, as unknown to him then he could sense Spirit sometimes of the not very nice type!

Syd spent the next 15 years working in the music biz as a manager/tour manager and agent for various bands/groups. Although this career choice enabled him to travel the world, times were not always easy as due to his kind, loving and very giving nature he was robbed of thousands, used by unscrupulous people for their own gain and left broken hearted and penniless on more than one occasion. Despite this he never lost his giving qualities or his faith in his fellow man after a while he would simply “bounce back up & start again” believing not in retribution but the power of “Karma”.

Syd later chose to quit a profession that most would love to get into stating the reason “It simply doesn’t make me happy anymore, in fact it never did!”

Following a vision where his deceased Grandfather (whom he’d never met) visited him in a dream he went on to embrace his “true passion”.  Acting and despite very minimal training was impressing people in the UK with his “Naturalistic” performances & comedic timing. However, being the humble soul that he is he merely stated “you will always shine at things that were meant to be”.

Syd started to question his very interesting life & came to the conclusion that all the mysterious events that led up to this stage could not be “mere coincidence”. Although not sure of his Psychic abilities as yet he started doing free mini readings for friends & complete strangers (sometimes even on the streets!) with roaring success and an uncanny ability to read with great accuracy with NO previous information! (NEVER having received any Psychic or Spiritual training of any kind, he’s not even read a single book on either subject). After 10 years of doing this he subsequently decided to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of his acting ambitions. Now in 2011 Syd has finally decided to share what he calls his “Gift from above of which I am a mere channel” with the world.

Syd Saeed is considered to be one of the top 20 Psychic Mediums in the WORLD today.

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