by Patty Malek

spring-cleaning_OM-TimesFeng Shui is not about home improvement, but about making energy flow. It’s time to have a major spring clean.

Clutter is not merely items; it is also a state of mind. It can be things that are piling up for us to do. Returning phone calls or appointments not made that prey on our mind. Things we are keeping that we think we will use one day are clutter. Living in a cluttered home can feel like everything is a struggle and we are stuck in a rut. We hang onto ideas or situations that do not allow us to move on, or we stay in a job thinking we are indispensable, or out of a sense of loyalty, but in reality we are afraid to take the leap and change direction. We stay in unhealthy relationships that stifle our soul because of fear of emotional upheaval or fear of the unknown. All of these attitudes clutter our thought process and create stagnated chi, energy from flowing. Too much clutter restricts the movement of chi so that it loses momentum. Clutter hangs onto chi, and keeps it in the same place for a long time, leading to a stuffy feeling in a room, where it is harder to move forward and try new things.

By clearing out our physical clutter we see the benefits of letting go, which will help to clear out the mental clutter creating barriers and restricting our development, growth and joy. We can’t hear our soul screaming ‘set me free, there is a more rewarding path waiting for you’.

So here is what you need to do: you can find some fun tote bags like these, or go for the cardboard boxes and have a major spring clean.

1) Take everything out of its place and clean all those dark corners, stirring up the chi that has laid dormant.

2) Label each box with the date and write ‘long term storage’ on one, ‘letting go’ on another, and ‘undecided’ on the last box.

3) Put all the items you think you will not need for a while in the ‘long term’ box. Items you cannot throw away, but will likely need access to.

4) Take the box marked ‘letting go’ and put items in that remind you of a part of your history you want to leave behind.

5) Take the box marked ‘undecided’ and put in objects that clutter your home, but which you think you might miss.

6) After a month throw out those things you have not missed from the ‘letting go’ box. Keep the other 2 boxes for another month, and then look through them to see if you can move anything from ‘undecided’ to ‘long term storage’. After 2 months more than likely all the undecided will be easy to let go of.

You will begin to feel the new energy and movement in a new fresh direction. One more thought…Clean Your Windows. Windows are our outlook on life. Dirty windows can bring a lack of motivation or feeling uninspired. For those who say ‘I don’t do window’, hire someone… As you create a nicer environment it begins to reflect on your inside. Your path needs to be clean, clear and open. Allow for the chi, energy to flow in your space to bring you alignment with living your Best Life.

Patty Malek is a Success Life Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner.  She helps her clients find their Purpose and create Abundance in their lives. After over 25 years in the Interior Design Industry she aligns Spiritual Awareness with Feng Shui principles to create the Complete Soulful Home.

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