By Michele Fletcher

“An evidential medium is able to bring forth strong evidence of truth”

Evidential-Medium_Michelle-Fletcher_OM-TimesPeople seek the guidance of a Medium for many reasons, but foremost among them is to have an experience to confirm their belief in, or overcome their doubt about, the continuation of life after physical death. Three levels of material—general information, moderate evidence and strong evidence—generally come forth during a client session. General information can begin to open the hearts and minds of true believers in the afterlife, but often has little effect on skeptics. Moderate evidence truly moves the believer and usually generates a positive reaction from all but the hardest skeptics. Strong evidence drops jaws, brings tears and stops the skeptical mind in its tracks.

Perhaps you’ve considered seeking the guidance of a medium, but wondered how to find someone authentic with whom to work. My hope is that by reading this article you will come to understand the three levels of information, to discern the distinct difference between them and to see that a gifted medium will bring forth all three types.  I hope you come to see that even general information plays an important role in a genuine reading, even though the ability to bring forth strong evidence is what sets the best mediums apart.

General Information

General Information messages include such things as “I love you;” they are with you in Spirit; please don’t cry; you are going through a hard time right now; and “I’m with you when you’re upset.”  These messages are usually not considered evidential. However, don’t discredit general information because it can be equally as important as strong evidential messages. General information can begin to create rapport between a medium and the client. It can also communicate something seemingly unimportant to a bystander but which is deeply relevant to the client. General information can also add relevance and deeper meaning moderate and highly evidential material.

Moderate Information

Moderate information communicates something more relevant to the client in particular, as opposed to people in general. For example, I may receive a communication from Spirit while working with a client that indicates that the being in Spirit loved dogs. That’s very general of course. On the other hand, I may then receive communication relating to a specific breed of dog that being owned. If the client confirms that their loved one owned such a dog, that is considered moderate information—a “good hit” so to speak. Moderate information begins to describe an actual person, relationship or communicates something particularly relevant to the client or their loved one in Spirit.

Strong Evidence

An evidential medium is able to bring forth strong evidence– that is true and accurate about a client, her life and her loved ones who have crossed over. Strong evidence includes such things as details about personality traits, hair and eye color, whether they were tall or short, thin or heavy and often the cause of their passing. An evidential medium should be able to pick up on many of the quirks, hobbies and funny sayings the deceased used to say when alive. Sometimes favorite songs are played to the medium. I was conducting a small group gallery reading recently when a father came through with the song, “Come on baby light my fire,” by the Doors. His daughter, who was absolutely delighted said, “My dad always sung that song to us!” This is an example of strong mediumistic evidence.

How the Three Levels of Information Complement One Another

In a recent session I mentioned Magic Mountain and roller coaster rides to a client. This is normally considered general information because most children love to go to Magic Mountain. However, the client was wonderfully excited about the message because it was something she and her son did all the time! It meant the world to her to receive this message about Magic Mountain. This is an example of how general information can make a huge impact on a client; and also how what appears to be general in nature can actually be evidentially strong to a particular person.

Later in the reading I described in detail the appearance of the client’s grandmother–having very small legs and having passed from stomach cancer. These are all evidential messages. I then stated “You were thinking about her on Valentines Day.” This is again general information, since many people think about loved ones who have passed on special days and holidays. But in this case the message resonated more deeply because of the earlier deep connection relating to a bunny she owned as a pet.  Next I mentioned that the client’s grandmother was showing me a gold chain. This was again strong evidence because the client’s grandmother gave her the gold bracelet right before she passed.

Now another being came through to the client. I asked, “Did you color your hair?” She replied that she just done so. This is moderate information. Yes, most women color their hair. But this client had done so recently. I then stated that “you missed a spot.” My client laughed because this was her aunt’s personality coming through. My client’s aunt always had a very funny sense of humor and this is something she would have said during her physical life.

Finally, we got to the heart of the message after providing much general, moderate and strong evidence. I stated that, “Your aunt is very sad because you don’t see the beauty in yourself that she sees in you and you are lacking confidence within.” This beautiful message from Spirit had a much deeper emotional impact on the client because of the groundwork that had been done leading up to it. The client knew that this message was coming from her loved one because I was able to establish the genuine nature of the connection with several pieces of information, from general to highly evidential.

When choosing a medium with whom to work, try to find video examples from that person like the one we’ve just reviewed. This will help you understand how he or she works, how their readings proceed and the patterns and rhythms in which information comes through. If you watch a video in which all the information is general, you might consider that the person doing the reading is psychic, but not necessarily gifted with evidential skills. On the other hand, if you notice that some information is general, some moderately evidential and some very strong, remember that this mix of information is not a sign of a weak medium.

Now you’re an expert in the interpretation of the levels of mediumistic information!

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