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despairDo you ever feel like nothing you do matters? Nothing you attempt to do or work on will make any difference in life and therefor you should just relax and enjoy the show? Or are you one of the many people who feels that if they just keep moving ahead just keep taking action on the many tasks they set up for themselves life will eventually make sense and you will see what this life has all been about? Or have you given up really. Just taking the actions that are expected of you, too tired to really think about the future or care about the past.

All of these statements reflect how I have felt or how I feel from time to time. I can get caught up in the thought or concern I will never find the right words to share with someone. Never really make a difference for them and their overall wellbeing. Or I have felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of emotions that pour through me when I am listening to the news or reading an article or book. My husband would say, I’m too sensitive. Given that I work as an energy healer and psychic I would guess that goes with the territory but I think more and more of us are struggling on a daily basis to remain calm and in control of our thoughts and emotions in a society that appears to be splitting into separate and distinct sides. Neither desiring nor willing to work with the other.

When I go into a funk or blue state, I know something just triggered a switch in me. An example would be if a story comes to my attention about the abuse or neglect of a child I have been known to melt instantly and start to feel overwhelmingly sad. I may or may not be aware a memory has just been triggered within me. I have learned to replace the image, thought or emotion within the story I am reading or viewing by visualizing the child surrounded by loving energy, being taken care of on a higher plane. As I begin to feel better, I know I am contributing to the light and love being shared with the child in my thoughts and within my memory. It does not matter how long ago the memory was created. Memories will carry intensity about them until you learn how to work with, resolve and understand what made the memory contain so many emotional triggers. As you work to heal your memory you are also working to help heal your energy and become loving and open again after something triggered you to go backward in time. By exchanging your anxiety, fear or sadness for loving and caring thoughts you take back your power in the Now and shift away from the pain of your memory or thoughts. The memory will  have less and less power over you as you learn to become conscious of the emotions the memory invokes. You are sharing loving energy with your own memory and also with the child within the story that started the process of you’re feeling bad, sad or scared.

I found I needed to develop a process I could use on a daily basis to help me get through the day open and in tune while doing my best for those I interact with as a wife, mother, grandmother, and psychic and energy healer. The process I developed also helps me feel protected and clear so I can hear, sense or know what my higher guidance is sharing with me as I go through the day. There are a million negative images and thoughts coming towards each of us every day. I want to stay open to knowing about the issues of the world while also feeling healthy and hopeful. I want to feel I am contributing to the wellbeing of the planet and to the people with whom I interact. I want to identify and release as many limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions about a situation as soon as I become aware that my attention has been diverted into a feeling of sadness, fear or anger.

So how do I go about my day staying healthy and sane in a world where we are bombarded by millions of negative images every day? By making myself a priority. I have learned that when I spend a few minutes on myself in the morning and throughout the day (when needed) doing this simple technique I maintain a column of clear and cleansing energy and my thoughts are primarily calm and focused.

Here is the process: I find a place where I can be uninterrupted for 5 minutes in the morning and 1 or 2 minutes during the day when prompted by my feelings. I focus on my breathing. I have learned to visualize, imagine and feel a peaceful and loving cloud of pink love coming to me surrounding me as I breathe. When I am ready I open up the energy of the pink cloud and imagine a column of pure, translucent energy being formed around me and encompassing me completely. The column goes up directly to my vibration within the Akasha and the column goes down into the heart of the Earth where there is a beautiful crystal cave. I am connected the same as above and below. Centered in my Light. Aware of my connection to everything. Knowing that anything that comes into my column of light will be changed and transmuted to the highest frequency available for that energy and sent back to the originator of the thought or energy in the transmuted state. I am aware I am moving forward with my life goals.

Happy and content with my personal relationships and with my choices for my life.

I stay within this process until I feel a sense of calmness and control with my thoughts, emotions and breathing.

As I go through my day I focus on my breathing to help me stay calm, relaxed and in control. I am working to become more consciously aware of when my thoughts, emotions or energy are revolving around something that makes me feel nervous, anxious, angry or scared and I have lost my motivation and power towards working on creating an amazing day of teaching, writing and working with clients by sharing the lightness of the healing energy of the Akasha.

Searching for loving connections and working through past relationships, memories and events is what I am constantly doing as I go through my day and what I teach others to do as well through a series of classes I created build around the Akashic Records. I have become passionate about sharing the process I have used since birth to access the Akasha and the tools within that vibration.

The Akasha is a vibrational presence. You are a vibrational presence. I can guide you to this presence and share with you a method to gain access to your Book of Life which is a vibrational recording of everything you have done in your life. It offers you a chance to view memories from the past and potential outcomes for the future from multiple viewpoints allowing you to heal on the Akashic level the vibration of your being which will have a wonderful effect on your physical body and the many energy levels that surround your body and soul.

Whatever you decide to do with your studies on life, energy and who you are I do hope you will feel you can use my daily process to keep your energy and thoughts clear, calm and open so you can more clearly know the promptings of your higher guidance.

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