by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

full-moon_crystalsA ritual is simply a routine or regimen done to bring about change.  Start by cleansing your crystals. Pass them through incense, running water, or in flower petals. It is important to know what type of crystal can undergo which kind of cleansing.


Hold your crystals at heart level. Send them love and honor, mentally.  For what purpose will you use them for? State your intention. When you feel your message is programmed into your crystals, lower them from the level of your heart.

When the moon is FULL
I love to lay my stones on the (clean) floor in a circle. You can choose any geometric pattern that inspires you. I lay within the circle and do a full moon meditation.

Full Moon Meditation
I close my eyes and bring myself from the outside world to the inside world. I slowly take my focus to behind my closed eyelids. I then gently move my focus slightly up to the Third eye. It is hear that I focus only on my breathing. I have my intention in my mind’s eye and programmed into my crystals. When I am ready, I slowly bring myself back. I stand up at my own pace and gather my stones. I place them in the window sill or outside for the moon to embrace them. I do this for day 1 and 2 of the full moon.

Additional procedures:

Cleansing Space
Be sure and cleanse your space before using it. Use sage, cedar, incense, floral water or whatever allows you to sense a space clear of negative vibes.

I often choose certain essential oils to either anoint myself and/or my crystals with. Be sure to use pure essential oils. Discover which oils are most appropriate for your intention and your crystal.

Here in New York City, you can often find full moon cookies or moon pies, especially around an approaching full moon. This is a wonderful way to honor your time, energy and space. Between the smell of the baking or the taste of the cookies, I am not sure which is better!

Keeping A Journal
When I chose to manifest an intention around the full moon, I keep a moon journal. It is easy to do. Write is a book, notebook or journal. State your intention and your process. Over the next 28 days, add entries to how you are feeling, if you sense anything changing or any other key words, words of empowerment or positive thoughts. (Remember, even if your intentions are not met by the next full moon, this only means that the Universe is working on HER time, not yours. If you both happen to be in sync at the same time, then so be it.) This is not a sign of failure…. it is a sign of faith. Honor it!

Moon Tonic
A moon tonic can be made by placing your favorite stone in a glass of water. I love moonstone for this process. State your intention. Place clean stones in a glass and fill it with pure, clean water. Place this glass with the stones and water in the light of the full moon.
After the second day, pour your tonic into a (dropper) bottle. Take one or two doses of this intention, daily for the full moon cycle from full moon to the next full moon.

Music has always been a major part of my life. I have playlists of songs for different journeys in life. My moon music is no exception.
I enjoy playing it over the two days of the full moon or even throughout the 28 day cycle for empowering my moods.

Here are some wonderful ways to honor who you are, work with nature and its powers of empowering and a great way to learn more about your self!

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