Meeting Your Soul-Self

by John Holland


How well do you know your true self? As we’re so many different things to so many different people, it’s a wonder we even know who we really are. We conform to what people and society expect of us and we have a tendency to wear a mask that adapts and changes according to the situation. Masks come in all shapes and sizes, such as: the “Happy Mask” the “Victim Mask” the “I’m in Control Mask” the “Nothing Is Wrong With Me Mask,” or just the “Know It All Mask.”

We wear so many of these interchangeable masks to fit our every need, yet there are times when we wear one mask for so long, that we have trouble taking it off! It’s as if we fear what we’ll find underneath if we remove it permanently. Will we even recognize the person staring back? Will we like that person? Do we want to be that person again? We often hide behind these masks as a safety mechanism, preventing us from showing just who we really are.

To live a spiritual and physical life of happiness, serenity, abundant health, and to experience a loving and successful relationship, then it’s important to understand and get to know your true essence – your soul. It’s important to look inwards to meet your soul, but you may need to cut through layers that have built up inside and around you over many years. Once you discover and meet your soul-self, you’ll start to radiate pure light, confidence, courage, strength, and unconditional love for yourself and others. As you live and view your life from your soul’s perspective, you’ll appreciate yourself as a divine being and gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of the soul essence in others.

 John’s Lesson

This lesson is to try to find a way that allows you to connect with your true self – your soul. The more you connect with your soul – the more you remember your divine nature.

Connecting to your soul can be achieved in different ways, such as meditation, prayer, working on a creative project, journaling, or simply doing something that you love. I find that when I’m disconnected from my true self, I practice Mindful Breathing, which I teach in my book: Power of the Soul. Mindful Breathing is simply following a technique that is practiced by Buddhists, where you count your breath in a particular sequence.

I also notice that when I am drawing, time seems to fly by and I am calm, relaxed, and have plenty of energy as I slip away from the hectic outside world. This is a clear sign that I am in alignment with my soul, and we are working together for my highest good.

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About The Author

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