Inflammation Reducing Coconut Water Turmeric Cocktail

by Young and Raw

turmeric-cocktail_OMTimesDo you suffer from inflammation, sore joins, and menstrual cramps or even want to repair your muscles faster after yoga or a really good workout? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need a Turmeric Cocktail! I first started “shooting” coconut water and turmeric cocktails because I was experiencing painful cramps, but the more I did it, the more people I would encounter who were using turmeric every day to recover faster from yoga and reduce inflammation as part of their routine.

I personally don’t love the taste of this turmeric cocktail, it tastes a bit like drinking pickles. Let me say though, that a lot of other people I give this to when they’re in pain usually don’t share in my experience of the drink and often quite like the taste. All of our taste buds are unique, so give it a shot. And even if it’s not your favorite, you can still benefit from turmeric’s healing powers.

The reason you see turmeric mixed in coconut water, is because coconut water acts as a “carrier” delivering more nutrients to the cells. It’s also the only liquid on the planet that you can inject directly into your blood stream as its composition is almost identical to that of blood plasma. Not that you should try injecting it into your blood stream or anything. Just saying, it’s possible and that’s pretty cool.

Ingredients for a Turmeric Cocktail

~ 1-2 tsp. of Turmeric Powder or

~ 1 Oz Juiced Turmeric Root

~ 1 cup coconut water OR

~ Mix into fresh vegetable juice made in your juicer (celery, cucumber, ginger & lemon is a great anti-inflammatory juice to mix your turmeric into)

Instructions for making a Turmeric Cocktail

Mix your turmeric powder or juiced turmeric root into 1 cup of coconut water (if you don’t have it you can use water). Or, you can take your turmeric and mix it into a fresh vegetable juice. Drink right away and you can do this multiple times per day. Note that if you’re new to juicing or fresh roots, turmeric is very cleansing and you may need to use the washroom frequently, but this is normal.

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