Soul Families

By Judi Lynch

soul-families_OMTimesWhere have you been? I’ve been looking for you all my life and I didn’t even know it! The familiar soul you meet one day you swear you know from somewhere but never met in this lifetime. It has probably happened many times during your life, this soul deja vu. You meet someone who resonates with your very heart and you wonder how the Universe helped you walk right into each other’s life.

In this age of rapidly accelerating energy and evolutionary ascension, we are experiencing this soul recognition more frequently than ever before. Many of us are finding our soul families online. The world becomes a different place as we understand that we have to take more responsibility for our personal environment. Many of us have been on the quest of surrounding ourselves with “light” minded people. It has become so much easier for us to explore and communicate with each other. It gives reason and a higher meaning to the technology explosion we have had to adjust to in just the last few years. It becomes obvious that without it, we could never have come together spiritually in such a remarkable way.

Your soul family can be more than just other people who think like you do. They could have incarnated with you through different lifetimes throughout the history of the Earth and beyond. They are your cosmic sisters and brothers from the Other Side. You may have once lived in a colony together and made a pact to find each other in this or that life. Depending on your life choices and ability to listen to the signs and messages, you may realize this phenomenon several times. You will feel instant recognition and understand many things in common between you. You know what the other is thinking without saying a word. You have the same spiritual beliefs and questions. You feel energy between you that is on another level. You know this person was truly in your life chart to assist you and you them. You can also possess a very strong psychic bond and share healing energy that is very advanced.

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