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I firmly believe that anyone can have psychic ability, but not every psychic is a medium.   Mediumship for me has always been a natural ability. I have never been through any training, or studied under anyone. I can recall communicating with spirits from the age 4 or 5 years old, and having experiences with spirits.   I would see spirits on a regular basis, in the dreamscape and with the “sixth sense”.   I always assumed that the world was very supernatural, that everyone could see, and hear spirits.

What is Mediumship?

Being a Medium entails, having the ability to communicate with the deceased.  How do I see spirits? I see spirits in the sixth sense.  I am an Evidential Medium; I am able to provide proof of life after death.  I see the images of those that have passed. When I do readings, I’m able to describe how the deceased appeared in great detail. I see spirits almost like a photo.  They show themselves in all ages. I find that some spirits in the afterlife are vain, like they may have been during their normal life, people that passed at an older age, do appear at times much younger.  Spirits still have the same thoughts and personality in the afterlife. During the reading, I provide the sitter with details of the person that I am seeing. From there, they often provide small details that serve as a “calling card” to verify, that I am communicating with them.

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