The Four Magic Sentences

By Ulrich E.  Duprée

An Excerpt from: Ho‘oponopono The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment        Together we will apply the four magic sentences of the Ho‘oponopono in small exercises and examples to solve problems and conflicts. It is quite simple, so please take part in this. If something troubles you, if something sends prickles up your spine and you would like best to turn around and go away, and above all, if someone ‘presses your buttons’, always direct your thoughts to the following sentences:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you These four sentences work like a sort of mantra or magic formula; they are like a meditation. They operate through time and space, beyond cause and effect, and transmit directly to your Higher Self, your subconscious and your waking consciousness. After a short while you achieve inner peace, and change from disharmony to harmony. You move yourself from separation to union while you say:

I am sorry. Please forgive me.

I love you. Thank you.

What do these four sentences mean?

I am sorry

I apologize. I perceive that I suffer, and that connects me to my feelings. I no longer reject the problem, but recognize my learning task. I or my forebears (through whom I am connected energetically, genetically and by tradition as much as by history) have caused harm.  Now, through the power of the spoken word, I am freed of this guilt.

Please forgive me

Please forgive me for having, through myself or my forebears, consciously or unconsciously disturbed you and me in the course of our evolution. Please forgive me for having acted contrary to the divine laws of harmony and love. Please forgive me for having until now judged you (or the situation), and in the past disregarded our spiritual identity and connectedness.

I love you

I love you and I love myself. I see and respect the divine in you. I love and accept the situation just as it is. I love the problem that has come to me to open my eyes. I love you and myself unconditionally with all our weaknesses and faults.

Thank you

Thank you, for I understand that the miracle is already underway. I thank God and the angels for the transformation of my request. I give thanks, because what I have received and what will come to pass is what I have deserved through the law of cause and effect.  I give thanks because, through the power of forgiveness, I am now freed from the energetic chains of the past. I give thanks that I may recognize and join with the Source of all Being.

A Ho‘oponopono Exercise hooponopono-book

Please lean back a little and think of a problem that is occupying you or a good friend. Visualise this problem and search for it within yourself.

What feelings come up? Breathe peacefully and be relaxed. Observe your feelings and the problem.

Now say the four sentences and read the clarifications relating to each. Remain an observer. Repeat the four magic sentences to yourself until a feeling of understanding and sympathy arises. Give thanks.

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