A Message of Balance from Archangel Gabriel

equinox-soulBy Shanta Gabriel

This is a time for profound and very deep healing.  Just as the earth moves through the seasonal balancing point of Equinox, all of life strives to reach this place of perfect balance.  At the point of balance, the energy in the body aligns with the blueprint of Divine Perfection with which each soul has been blessed.  To be in harmony with your most authentic Divine self is to be in alignment with the place of balance that provides healing on all levels.  This is the true state of Oneness all souls are seeking, even though it may not be conscious.

Refined elements of healing are available to those who are led to a place where they desire balance in their lives.  It takes a surprising level of awareness in the western culture to even realize that balance is what one is seeking in life. Most of the ancient systems of healing understand this principle and teach many ways to reach the place of balance within the mind, emotional state and physical body. The gaining popularity of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung are assisting many people to find balance and better health.  As all exists as one body, this balance will greatly assist the health of the Earth as well. The Need for Balance

Once the awareness of the need for balance becomes available to the mind, situations often arise in life to be a reminder of that which is missing.  It may appear that suddenly the mental and emotional state is out of one’s control, as if an old relation is jumping out from within the subconscious.  The child self may become more prominent to the great horror of the controlled adult.  Indeed many old patterns and parts of your inner self may be showing themselves to you now. Often your child or adolescent self has felt neglected or unloved in the past but now would like to be invited into your adult world to bring some fun and laughter.   Perhaps these aspects of the self are seeking harmony and balance with your responsible adult self who works so capably in the world. The joyous freedom of childlike wonder brings magic into an overly responsible adult life.  Creative projects, nature settings and other playful activities can help these parts of you to come into greater harmony and balance.  This healthy integration of your mental and emotional selves can bring greater happiness into your daily world.

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