Heal Your Gallbladder Stones Naturally

By Dr Paul Haider

gallbladder-stones_OMTimesSome of the best herbs for Gallbladder Stones include peppermint, crampbark, barbarry, ginger, dandelion root, and fennel. Peppermint tea has been shown in clinical studies to dissolve away small Gallbladder stones with great success. A cup or two of peppermint tea everyday is very important for getting rid of Gallbladder Stones.

High cholesterol is one of the reasons for the formation of Gallbladder Stones, so it’s important that you lower your cholesterol.

Red Yeast Rice taken daily reduces cholesterol, along with a healthy diet full of lots of green veggies, and soluble fiber like oats, avocado seed extract, and also a good exercise program. Reducing dairy foods such as cheese and milk will help…and soda which have been shown to promote the creation of Gallbladder Stones. Also fried foods, red meat, and other fatty foods should be avoided. Starting eating healthy and it will allow your liver to rejuvenate. Sugar also increases the formation Gallbladder Stones… lowering your consumption of sugary treats will help.

Crampbark helps with inflammation and sooth the smooth muscles of the gall bladder. Barbarry helps with congestion and inflammation of the gall bladder. Ginger works to convert cholesterol into bile acids thus preventing the formation of Gallbladder Stones. Fennel eases the swelling of the gall bladder and helps with inflammation too.

Baldo tea taken 2 to 4 times a month is great for de-toxing the liver too, plus milk thistle, dandelion root, and burdock root also help detox the liver. Oregon Grape also increases blood flow into the liver and gallbladder and also helps increase bile acid production which helps to prevent Gallbladder Stones. The more bile acids flowing the less congestion of the Gallbladder you will have… lowering the possibility of Gallbladder Stones.

Wild Yam also increases blood flow to the Gallbladder and helps with increasing bile acid production thus helping to prevent Gallbladder Stones… and it helps with pain too! Rosemary stimulates bile acid production and thus preventing Gallbladder Stones, and it also helps with Gallbladder spasms.

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