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Are you ready? … Don’t get left behind

I am sure that you have heard of the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering already. Cosmic Ordering is where we make a request to the universe by intent and trust that the universe will deliver.  This is one of the main skills of manifesting, but it does require a certain amount of detachment for it to be successful.

When you make a cosmic order to the universe, you make your request and get on with your life, trusting that it will be delivered in a perfect way. Manifesting in this way is not about controlling exactly what happens. It is about knowing what you want and asking for it in a detached manner. More often than not, the universe understands our needs better than we do ourselves, and often times a cosmic order is delivered with a strange twist, which in retrospect makes absolute sense.

People have had some very powerful results with cosmic ordering. But you do have to be patient to use it effectively and it really helps to have an understanding of the universe and how it likes to operate.

Aside from cosmic ordering there are some very specific universal laws which can help us as 2012 gathers momentum. 2012 is all about spiritual and personal growth. It is important to develop your self reliance and personal power in these potent times. In fact if you do not, you could get left behind.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the next phase of our human evolution is the expansion of our unseen but tangible gifts. Our intuition, psychic knowing and ability to manifest will develop if we allow. Whilst telepathy, precognitive skills and unspoken connections will become much more important. Our awareness of the energy of every living thing will be fundamental to our success socially, romantically and practically.

Everything IS energy after all!

This might all sound rather dull to the practical and pragmatic amongst you. But listen in and give it a try. You will be surprised how these apparently unquantifiable skills can help you get magnificent results in the work place and in your relationships.

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