2012You can probably appreciate why it is so important that you completely ditch your negative thought patterns and behaviors. Once your skills of manifesting increase, you certainly do not want to be manifesting all the woes of the world onto your shoulders.

It is possible to become so powerful that you think one thought and it manifests easily within a day or two. This is why it is so important to keep it light and bright at all times. As your vibration increases, you may find that you outgrow certain relationships and toxic patterns. This is as it should be. What used to be so comforting and solid may become outworn and tedious to you as you spread your wings.

The law of ‘allowing’ is a universal law which is quite challenging to the control freaks amongst us. It is a go- with-the-flow energy which many people find quite difficult to engage with, especially if they need to work with a structure and have a tight schedule. Understanding the law of allowing prompts us to actually receive what we are putting out for. We have to ‘allow’ the abundance to arrive in our lives in the perfect ways already designed by the universe.

We must understand that we actually get more of what we wish for if we release our desires to the powers that be. We must allow the energy to flow in our lives so that we can actually receive what we have asked for. How often do we say ‘no thanks’ to the things we are offered because it is not exactly what we wanted? Try a different tack and access your inner YES, accepting whatever the universe presents to you as the right thing for this moment. What you truly wish for is probably only around the next bend anyway. Trust me. The universe knows how to get us there better than we do. ALLOW it all to happen.

The balance and harmony law is also very cool, encouraging us to chill and tune into an effortless way of being. This tranquil energy allows the universe to assist us and come to our aid. We usually see it in action when we are at our wits end and have totally given up. How much better to have this law at our disposal all the time? Why wait for that point of surrender?

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