Soul Mate Basics

soul-mate_soulmatesBy Michelle Beltran 

There is a pervasive misconception that we have one soul mate. In reality, we will have many soul mates in our life time. In addition, we will many kinds of soul mates along our journey.  Some soul mate connections are in our human experience briefly while others are in place for most or all of our lives. Some are in depth and rich while others are seemingly simple or meaningless. They all matter and have value. There is never and encounter we were not meant to have be it short, long, in depth or seeming surface and simple. Soul mates assist us in shaping our own soul growth and we made an agreement before we arrived on Earth to live out these life experiences together.

Three types of soul mates

Twin Flames – Twin Flames are the other part or half of your soul. In most cases, your twin flame is not actually living and they do not experience human life at the same time that you are. Rather, they are on the Other Side, guiding and caring for you from there. In some cases, this soul mate may indeed incarnate with you. When this happens, you will know this soul mate because there is incredible chemistry and it is highly charged. If you are apart from this person, there is very deep longing for them. This person is not necessarily always good match for you, as one might think. This is because the similarity is that immense – it makes for a chaotic relationship as the two of you are so alike. In addition, they generally reflect everything about yourself that you don’t like. To be compatible with this person, each must be very comfortable and at peace with their own higher truest self.

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