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If you close your eyes and meditate clearing your mind, you’ll find it’s very hard not to have anything percolate to the surface… and those thoughts that do come are thoughts of something that you need, want, or have interest in.

All of these are thoughts of want.

It takes great spiritual fortitude to overcome this ingrained way of being called “Wanting”.

From the day we are born… we cry when we want to be fed; cry if we’re unhappy and want attention, cry if we need our diaper changed and on and on. It’s our way of dealing with the world… no wonder we’ve learned so well to want. It’s impossible to go without wanting something, because sooner or later you’ll want food, water, and some creature comforts.

But wanting anything means you have something missing, something lacking, and that you are not whole… and that’s not true, and wanting keeps you from being at peace.

So how do you curb your wanting appetite and move away from feeling less than whole? You start understanding your needs… needs like food, water, a bed to sleep in. And noticing your wants…  seeing that most of what you want, you don’t need, and most of what you think you need, you really don’t need at all. And this takes time, you have to move in your mind away from the idea of wants, and start noticing your needs, and start noticing your mind wanting… see your mind wanting… and start to letting go of that word “want”, letting go of that wanting way of being… ponder this for a while.

Concentrate your wanting on things that matter, like wanting world peace, wanting to love, and wanting to help others… ways of wanting that don’t center around YOU, but talk about the world and the ways you can make a difference in the world.

For you see in the long run, wanting something for ourselves makes us sad, sooner or later we’ll want something else to fill the void… but wanting to bring happiness to someone else makes us happy.

Learn to bring happiness to others… and you’ll want for nothing… and you’ll always be happy!

Dr. Paul Haider is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of many books, having created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on radio shows and television. His books “Relax into Success” and “21 Ways to Live a Stress Free Life in Only 21 Days” have sold countless copies.

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