Let me mention, if you are experiencing any physical symptoms, always check with your physician. Holistic modalities are a complementary service used in conjunction with your medical and prescription routines.

Now, back to the chakras.

Our chakra system includes the Earth, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Higher Crown Chakras. Each chakra is associated with a variety of traits such as color, location, organs, glands, etcetera.

If one chakra is rotating deficiently the result may be the adjoining chakras are rotating excessively to compensate, and increase in size. If a chakra is blocked, it will cause an energy backup.

This can be exhibited by pressure or pain, fatigue/sluggishness, sleeping/ eating disorders, feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety, aggressiveness and the list goes on…But our bodies are truly amazing. When we are attuned and in the “Now” if something becomes askew, our bodies will gently warn us. If we ignore it, the warning signal will get louder.

If you are experiencing negative emotions, unwanted behaviors or just generally not feeling yourself, then this is the perfect time to reach out to your holistic practitioner. A trained holistic practitioner can assess your chakras and auric field. There are any number of ways to achieve this, utilizing the hands as sensors or with the use tools, such as a pendulum.

Once an assessment is done, the practitioner will work to open up, balance and cleanse the chakras of any old, unwanted energies. This release frees up space for you to receive clean, pure Divine Energy.

Now, we’re not quite done.

The chakras are cleansed, but we need to also cleanse the auric field. This is an important step that may be missed by some practitioners.  The auric field is a perfectly sealed protective bubble. But it may develop leaks as lower energies try to attach themselves.  Since it’s a sealed bubble, the released energies will be trapped and float around in our auric field, imagine a snow globe, and eventually settle back on us.  Opening the auric field to the Earth Chakra below, and Divine Energy above, gives us a perfect channel. Divine Energy in/old energy out. We can then release the unwanted energies into the Earth Chakra for composting. Now the treatment will last that much longer.

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