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Where do we put our words, our emotions, our thoughts? What place do they occupy? We used to believe they existed solely in our physical brain. The fact is that every event, every reaction, every happy, cheerful, angry, judgmental or blustery response of ours goes directly into each and every cell of the physical body. Yes, in fact each cell of your body knows the entire personal history of your individual lifetime on earth! That being the case shouldn’t we give our cells a thorough cleaning to remove the debris or negative input and leave only the positive constructive memories?

I recall receiving a massage from a lady some years ago. She was working on one of my arms when a picture complete with sound and color seemed to literally pop out of the cells in that arm and appear in my mind. It was an apparently unimportant event that happened when as a teenager I (with the company of my mother) was buying some little trinket in a St. Louis department store. I don’t recall whether it was earrings or a fancy pin, but something tiny.

The memory pointed out the fact that I had rehearsed one part of the event over and over. And this was that scenario: when the clerk finished ringing up the sale, she asked “do you want a beg?” She repeated her question at least twice and neither mother nor I could understand what she was saying. The problem was her local Missouri accent. She simply wanted to know if she should place the item in a sack (i.e. bag) or would we rather take the receipt and simply place the jewelry in one of our purses.

All of that seems awfully trivial but the truth is I had mentally made fun of her over and over again through the years. It was definitely time to change the whole judgment. What right did I have to see her as less of a person for something as small as her way of speaking and enunciating?

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