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There has been much talk about Soul Mates and Twin Flames and, if I am honest, I have found the definitions confusing. In many cases I find one person’s definition contradicts somebody else’s.

Let’s take the term Soul Mate.   The Hollywood movies would have us believe that finding our Soul Mate is the be all and end all in love.  That happily ever after fairy tale ending. However, those of us who have had a Soul Mate relationship, especially a romantic one, know how volatile they can be. Definitely, NOT the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

A Soul Mate can be a friend, family member or lover. We have met them in a past life where you both could have assumed different roles, possibly even a different gender. You would have a made a pact with that person to come together again, in the next life term in order to resolves issues and learn lessons. This kind of relationship is not designed to last forever or go the distance. I’m not saying it can’t but that’s not the purpose. With this in mind, I prefer the term Soul Walker when referring to Soul Mates.

Soul Walker rather than Soul Mate

It’s a term I heard a psychic use recently and it’s one that, for me, encapsulates what a Soul Mate/Soul Walker really is.

A Soul Walker will hold your hand through part of your journey. Your initial connection with this person is immediate. You feel as though you have met before because you have, at another time in another place. However, these relationships challenge us because they are filled with challenges themselves.

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