The Relaxed Soul: The After Life is Real

By Dr Paul Haider life-after-death

There were 500 experiments (The Scole Experiments) done in England with people who were mediums. These people gathered once a week to meditate and allow spirits to come through them and surface into the material world… having many power experiences. They decided to invite all the scientists they could find to study the process and try to prove or disprove what was happening.

The scientists never found any evidence of fraud. During these sessions while the scientists were present… faces would show up, objects would move around the room, voices could be heard and talk too, small balls of light would form and move around the room passing through walls and tables… and even objects from the past (such authentic old newspapers) would appear out of the blue.

These people were able to talk to the departed on the other side and even have film exposed with hand writing (hand writing and signatures confirmed) and images on the film… even though the film was sealed and locked in a box that no one could tamper with, and the box was held in the scientists hands the whole time… and the scientists developed the film themselves.

There is so much we don’t understand.

But it brings great peace to know that life does not end… that consciousness goes on forever… and we will meet again.

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