Astrology Elements and Essential Oils

By Avery Cole

essential_oils_OMTimesHas someone ever asked you, “What’s your sign?”.  Well, what they are asking for is your Sun sign; it’s the sign that correlates to when you were born.  The Sun sign, although not the only astrological sign, is the most common and widely referred since it descriptions your personality, your inner self.   Learning about your Sun sign is an entertaining way to discover who you are.  After all, haven’t you asked yourself “Who am I”? I have many times. This curiosity prompted me to learn about astrology and how the planet alignments at the time of my birth produced, to some extent, a personality diagram or map thereby, shedding some light on the subject “me”.

I learned in my studies that essential oils have personalities and energy, and astrology helps pinpoint personality aspects, whether they are good, bad or indifferent.  So combining the two modalities was an innovative way to learn about myself.

Aromatherapy, the use of pure plant essential oils, has been around for thousands of years believe it or not.  Yet, only recently has it become more popular with people making an effort to use more healthy products for themselves, turning away from chemicals and such. I applaud all who have or are making the switch.

Once you smell essential oils, the aroma hits the limbic system part of the brain, known for triggering emotions, reactions, responses and memory recall. This will bring subtle changes in mood, emotions and energy. With that said, it’s a good idea to mention there may be times when you do not like a certain scent.  Be open and try the essential oil another time, you might be surprised to find you like it.   I believe your body, mind and spirit knows what it needs and when, so trust in the process for we are always evolving.

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