Natural Ways to Stop Smoking & Heal Lung Tissue

By Dr. Paul Haider

stop-smoking_OMTimesIt is always a great time to stop smoking. Here are some wonderful herb and other ways that will assist you in kicking the habit and heal your lungs.

First of all smoking is an addiction with all the chemicals in tobacco these days you become addicted to the chemicals more than you are addicted to the tobacco and nicotine.

Most people smoke because of nervousness and anxiety and it does give a person a temporary high and takes their mind off of things. So relaxing the mind/body is very important in order to stop smoking.

St. Johns wort is a good relaxing agent that will boost your mood and help you get through the tough times of ending your smoking addiction. Saffron Extract will give you a boost of serotonin which brings about mood altering good feelings that help with weight loss and kicking the smoking habit too.

Lobelia has been known to help a lot of people with the need for nicotine and people say that tobacco tastes bad when taking Lobelia. Lobelia works on dopamine and nicotine receptor in the brain thus helping withdrawal symptoms. Lobelia also contains a substance that’s similar to nicotine and you can get it in patches too… it’s similar to the regular nicotine patches and gums that you can buy but without the nicotine.

Catnip is wonderful for relaxing, soothing nerves, and helping your body overcome the anxiety of kicking the habit. CaoSu a Chinese herb will help you kick urge for a smoke… and detox your body at the same time. Valerian works great for the stress and anxiety, lots of people feel they are able to get through the first few days with valerian, and Chamomile is great for soothing away anxiety… and like Valerian it helps you sleep.

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