5. Faith, trust and positivity

There will often be times when you feel as if you made a mistake by walking away and moving on but this is just the ego trying to deceive you.  The trick here is to say positive, keep the faith and belief in both yourself, as well as God/Universe/the angelic realm. This goes hand in hand with the law of attraction which states that you get back what you give out, making it especially important to think positive.  I always say that your thoughts are your silent affirmations so keep your thoughts positive.  In the early stages this will take a certain amount of conscious effort, where you will be actively stopping yourself when you have a negative thought and change this into a more positive thought.  Affirmations are great for this and if used regularly can help you to get into this positive frame of mind.  Crystals are also great at keeping you uplifted and positive, as they harness very powerful energy.  Working with crystals such as Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine are known for their healing and soothing properties, helping to prepare you for love as well as enabling you to nurture those feelings of self love.  Whereas Rhodochrosite, a beautiful rose coloured crystal and commonly known for drawing in your true love into your life, encourages a positive attitude whilst bringing our physical and spiritual self into alignment with one another.  Choose whichever tool resonates with you, reminding yourself that the law of the Universe is that like attracts like.  This means when you are positive and in a place of love you will draw more of this into your life.

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  • Vernon

    decent simplified approach

  • Vernon

    After an intense year of twin flame energies all i can say is the more you ask you what you need to change, the more you will change. The more dysfunctional your emotions are the harder it is, and eventually you learn to rewrite that dysfunction. Its an epic ego versus spirit struggle, or if you prefer conscious versus subconscious mind. The process helps you realize you can change everything about yourself.