By Darity Wesley

oracle_humilityHumility –    The energies and directions for the month of February are evolving around the exercise and integration of humility. Both the words “humble” or “humility” have lots of charge on them because of the connotations that have been provided for so many thousands of years.  For our purposes here, now is the time to understand that humility, which is the other side, the opposite characteristic, of self-confidence is appropriate to be exercised concurrent with the expression of your self-confidence.  Your self-confidence could spring from your humility.

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In ancient times, in the old world’s energy, people who were “humble” or exhibited any form of “humility” were generally looked down upon by others from their perspective of superiority, domination, greed, competition, might over right, the bases of the old world’s energy.  The Catholic dictionary describes humility as lowliness or submissiveness, as in humble birth, humble beginnings – not worth much, poor.  Religions have for years described humility as “a virtue by which man knowing himself as he truly is (no good, a sinner), abases himself.”  That, indeed, supports the old energy position that man, probably all humans really, are nothing but animals.  It was about knowing your place, not reaching out or up to things above one. It was about submitting to one’s superior. Humility was seldom neutral but has also been described as lacking self-confidence or being timid, having a low opinion of oneself.

In the New World’s energy, there is a new perspective on  humility and it is now an important part of your spiritual life for contemplation and integration.  It is an important part of your spiritual practice because humility now takes on the quality or condition of being modest and respectful and is connected with notions of egolessness.  Egolessness is generally described as a feeling of Oneness, of being inextricably woven to the fabric of one’s surroundings or environment. Unity consciousness. Selflessness is similar.  The closest antonym to egolessness is egotism, a heightened sense of self worth or one’s own importance.  Spiritual Egotism is a relatively new phenomenon and is generally that of feeling superior because of your belief system or because you may know more than your neighbor, a detriment to what the new energy of love, compassion, support and understanding brings to others.

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