Powerful Goodness: Blending and Juicing Fruits and Veggies

Juicing and blending have many benefits… 

juicing_OMTimesJuicing is a process in which all the fiber is removed from fruits and vegetables. This allows the fast absorption of nutrients into the body and more nutrients can be taken in because there is no fiber to slow down the process.

There is a plus to juicing that if a person is depleted of natural enzymes, live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins then juicing will get more of those components into the body fast. In fact juicing will allow nutrients to be absorbed within 15 minutes… plus veggie juices are a good detoxing agent for the body.

Digestion is very fast with juicing… think of a large apple that has to be broken down and then the absorption process can take place. Breaking down the apple takes hours in the GI tract and that’s not good or bad but it does take longer.

Juicing allows a huge blast of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be taken into the body. This can boost energy, vitality, the immune system, detox the body, alkalize the body and help with weigh loss.

Also with lots of fruits and veggies being low in nutrients these days there is a need to take in more whole foods, usually more than we can eat in one day. Thus juicing can help by allowing more nutritional goodness into our bodies… without eating for hours.

Fertilizer contains only three elements — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, while the soil needs 52 different elements to be fertile… so juicing is great if you are juicing lots of organic full nutrient fruits and veggies.

Juices are really made to drink right away… sitting in the frig they break down and loose nutrients through oxidation and light degradation. Plus the left over veggie fiber can be added to sauces and used as a thickening agent from cooking in general… and it tastes great! Fiber is important for lowering cholesterol and for slowing down absorption of sugars.

Juices are not meant to meal replacements, fiber is needed, carbs are needed… and the full spectrum of proteins too. Even though a lot of that can found in spirulina and chlorella… other than the fiber they are full spectrum foods. Plus we tend to eat too many carbs in this day and age… and most diabetics need to count their carbs.

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